It's officially sweet, sweet summertime! For most, that means vacations, peaceful relaxation on those sunny days, and time with friends and family. However, if you're in the service industry, Summer means it is GO TIME. Construction companies, real estate firms, landscapers, and many others are ready to rack in the new business and customers! Or are you?


If you've really pushed hard during those drought months with your marketing efforts and sales campaigns, are you ready for the influx of calls headed your way? Getting people through the door is just the beginning; Will you be able to give them that personalized customer service or will you be too busy hustling?



It's time to bring in the professionals – Your own team of Virtual Receptionists

What good would it do to hire a virtual receptionist service? We can think of plenty!

  1. No more missing calls. No matter the time of day, your business calls are answered by a live, friendly receptionist that will represent your company well. Your callers will never know the difference, we promise.
  2. Personalized scripting guarantees you'll receive every piece of information from each call accurately and in an instant.
  3. It's a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in-house, plus your virtual receptionists will be available 24/7/365.


Just think practically for a moment – how many calls are you missing when you're out on the job? How bad of an impression does it make when your potential customer calls your business for the first time, only to reach a voicemail? They're most likely googling the next in line and giving them a ring.



At OmniCall we understand the hustle it takes to be a business owner, big or small. We're not here to replace your current staff; we're here to help them…Because even your secretary needs a little vacay every now and then!


Let's break it down so you can better understand exactly how our services work:

  • We are not your traditional answering service with the same script for every single account. We’re 100% fully customized to fit your business.
  • All of our receptionists are located in our studio just West of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • No robots around here – your customers will never reach an automated recording.
  • We're super flexible Dublin Painting Pros. Use us when you need us, or treat us as your actual receptionist and forward your lines to us 24/7. We got you either way!
  • Our virtual receptionist service is extremely affordable. We charge by the minute, not by the call, which saves you a ton. Instead of paying an hourly rate for a receptionist to sit by the phone and wait for calls to ring in, hire OmniCall and only pay for the time we spend answering those calls.


If you're racking up new business this Summer and feeling a little overwhelmed, give us a call! Our OmniCall Receptionists are literally trained in customer service, ensuring that each and every one of those newbies will be given an exceptional experience when they call. Most importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy a little time off in the sun yourself!